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About Our Clinic 

Welcome to Mandurah Speech Pathology & Clear Speech Pathology Clinic, a paediatric speech pathology practice providing therapy to children aged 1-18 years.
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Our Therapists

All therapists are Certified Practising Speech Pathologists and strive to offer the best care possible for your child,  in a range of areas including speech (articulation), language development and fluency (stuttering).

The Therapy Plan

Every therapy plan is different, with each one tailored to the child based on their strengths and needs. Therapy sessions are created around goals specifically developed for your child and centred on their assessment outcomes.
Therapy sessions are typically weekly or fortnightly and we aim to make them fun and engaging to ensure that your child is enjoying themselves whilst learning, with this including the use of a range of resources based around their goals and preferences. 
The speech pathologists at the clinic provide a whole family centred approach to therapy- working with the child, caregivers and their family members to target and achieve goals in a play based way.We are strong advocates of early intervention and firmly believe that it is key to reducing possible long term effects of communication impairments.
At the end of each session home practice is provided to help consolidate the therapy goals targeted in the session to enable them to continue to progress. 
We work closely with leading health care professionals from many other fields including Paediatricians, Occupational Therapy ( OT), Psychologists and Physiotherapists. 
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Our Availability

Mobile and Clinic visits available
Private Health care available
Medicare rebates - Chronic Management Plan
Credit card facilities