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Autism Assessments

Our autism diagnostic team consists of experienced clinicians Annika Ballantyne (Speech Pathologist) and Michelle Rhyder (Psychologist).

We follow the “gold standard” of assessment for Autism by addressing the DSM-5 criteria and using a multi-disciplinary team approach and the best diagnostic assessment tools available: the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2 (ADOS-2) and a clinical interview based on the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised as well as specific assessments related to our profession as required.  We offer detailed feedback regarding the outcome of your child’s assessment and a thorough and detailed written report.

We accept referrals from Paediatricians, Psychiatrists and direct parent referrals with supporting evidence from another professional, including general practitioner, childcare educators, teachers or allied health professionals).

Annika has a Post Graduate degree in Autism assessment and diagnosis and is the parent to an Autistic child. She is passionate about supporting families during the assessment and diagnostic process and prides herself on being an understanding and empathetic clinician. 

Please call the clinic directly or email if you would like further information on our Autism assessments 

Parent/ Caregiver History information 

School/Childcare information 

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